Yayasan Swamitra Internasional (YSI) is a non-profit foundation that governs the school and is the legal entity under which the school operates. The Board of Trustees appoint the Board of Management members to take on the executive responsibility and accountability of managing all activities performed under YSI and the school.

The Board of Management’s key responsibilities include ensuring CCS operates with full compliance to Indonesian laws and regulations, maintaining financial sustainability and whole-school longevity, and empowering the Head of School to operate CCS according to the guiding statements, existing policies and long-term strategic plan. YSI operates in full accordance with the Articles of Association as established in the Notarial Deed of Establishment (2006) and the laws, rules and regulations of the Republic of Indonesia.

As a foundation, the main objective of YSI is to have a positive social contribution on a local, national and international level in the provision of a world-class holistic education from Early Years to Senior High School. The vision of YSI is that CCS stands as a home to the community, providing meaningful opportunities for learning, collaboration and exchange. YSI collaborates closely with the School Leadership Team in overseeing the implementation of this vision and mission.

Board of Trustees
Barry Edward Tommy de Jong (Chair)
Ir. Edwin Nugraha Magnacharta
Ruth Mathilde Bernadette de Jong

Board of Supervisors

Ida Widyawati
Dinar Yuni Angelica

Board of Management
Nadia Marlinde de Jong (Chair)
Selvy Eka Purwandhini (Secretary)
Agung Yuswanto (Treasurer)

[1] as stated in the notary deed of establishment of Notary Ni Ketut Alit Astari, SH Number 9, dated 30 January 2006. The deed of establishment was later approved by the Ministry of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia, Number: C-522.HT.01.02.TH.2006, dated 10 March 2006.
[2] as recorded by Notary Lies Herminingsih, SH of South Jakarta Notoriety Office, on her notarial letter Number 37 dated 29 June 2016; legalized by the Minister of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia, dated 01 July 2016.