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Canggu Community School is a non-profit coeducational school enrolling students from Early Years to Year 13. Students in Year 7-9 complete a school-developed, holistic curriculum. Students in Year 10-11 complete the International General Certificate of Secondary Education. CCS offers the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme for Year 12 and Year 13 students. For the 2019-2020 academic year, CCS enrolls approximately 539 students from over 36 countries.

Maria Calista earned a 42 in IB DP.

“Learning is the most powerful tool we can equip future generations with and it was an honour to receive the experience to complete my Secondary studies in such a supportive environment. It helped me to believe in myself and pushed me to achieve in goals that I never thought attainable. My advice to future scholarship recipients is to make the most of your opportunity and never stop working hard to earn what you deserve because someone will recognize this talent in you and the rewards will speak for itself.”Maria Calista.

Accreditation and Memberships

“CCS completed a thorough Indonesian National Accreditation process in 2019. Proudly, we received our results – High “A” grades across all programmes.  CCS is the only SPK in Bali to earn A grades across all year levels!  We are especially proud of our strong connections with local schools, Gotong Royong, and thriving Indonesian Studies programme, Bahasa Indonesia, Pendidikan Pancasila dan Kewarganegaraan and Agama which contribute helping the students to develop as confident, socially engaged, globally responsible citizens who achieve their potentials as life long learners.”Ms Dyah Rupita, Wakil Kepala Sekolah SPK.

Bali’s School of Choice

CCS is Bali’s largest internationally-accredited school.  We support approximately 500 diverse learners age 3-18 from over 40 countries.

Students’ Nationalities

  • USA & Canada (11,26%)
  • Europe [32,67%]
  • Asia [30,56%]
  • Africa [0,42%]
  • Australian & NZ [25,09%]

Target class size – 24 students

Student-teacher ratio approximately 8:1.

Teachers’ Nationalities

  • USA (17%)
  • Australia [17%]
  • England [17%]
  • Canada [7%]
  • Belgium [2%]
  • Ireland [4%]
  • Spanish [2%]
  • New Zealand [4%]
  • Indonesia [30%]

CCS employs internationally experienced and highly qualified teachers with a minimum of 5 years of experience.

New Area Project – Primary Site Plan

CCS Virtual Tour; including New Primary Campus.

[Indonesian Studies] Year 7 dancing Sajojo!

“Looking at Indonesian traditional dances, Year 7 Indonesian studies are exploring different types of dances from the islands all over Indonesia. Sajojo is one of the most popular dances with its movements and song. They look at the costumes, face paints, some of them are trying the movements, some are trying to sing the lyric or even lip-sync! These are some performances from Year 7,” – Ms Rusmala.

[2.6 Challenge] Anouchka, Year 9MM, created a video tutorial for a 26 move dance routine.

“For this 2.6 challenge, I decided to bring my love for dance to an audience by teaching them a self-choreographed dance containing 26 dance moves in total. I thrive to inspire people into living a healthier life and finding what they truly love to do in life. I hope all the people who attempt this routine learn something from it and who knows, some might even discover they share a passion with me!” – Anouchka (Year 9MM)

[2.6 Challenge] 26 ways to get into a swimming pool by Nika (7SG) and her family.

“Veronika (7SG) came up with the idea of 26 ways to get into a swimming pool. She created this very innovative and well-produced video of her challenge attempt. It’s great to see Veronika’s family involved in the video too! They’ve done lots of our PE challenges since home learning began, we really appreciate their humour and enthusiasm.” – Mr Steve.

Extreme Readers Photo Contest: If you were able to grab your extreme reading photographs prior to the current isolation period – fantastic! If not, you can still catch an incredible photo at home or at a safe social distance in the great Bali outdoors (or wherever you may be located right now!).