Forthcoming Events: Sep 12 Secondary Arts Night * Sep 17 BSSA Football Senior Finals * Sep 18 BSSA Football Junior Finals * Sep 23-27 Camps * Representative University Visit to CCS: UBC (The University of British Columbia) 24 Sep from 12.45–1.20pm at the Cantina *The University of Edinburgh 4 Oct from 2.30–4pm (venue to be confirmed)

Canggu Community School is a non-profit coeducational school enrolling students from Early Years to Year 13. Students in Year 7-9 complete a school-developed, holistic curriculum. Students in Year 10-11 complete the International General Certificate of Secondary Education. CCS offers the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme for Year 12 and Year 13 students. For the 2019-2020 academic year, CCS enrolls approximately 491 students from over 36 countries.

The CCS River Rats
[Aug26th/2019] Introducing the newest and coolest Gotong Royong group on the block. The CCS River Rats aims to monitor the health of our River system at CCS and make improvements through:
  • Chemical testing and observation of our beautiful river

  • River Cleanups

  • Gaining an understanding of of the river ecosystem and its organisms

  • Implementing a river boom system to trap and monitor litter throughout the year

Our first trip took us into the river system to identify species of invertebrates through kick sampling that can be used to indicate environmental pressure such as the presence of pollutants or decreased oxygen concentrations.
Mr. Max Henson

Methods of Training in Physical Excersie

Year 8 students are currently studying Methods of Training in PE. Today they looked at how circuit training can train different parts of the body. They were in competition with their partner to see who could complete the most amount of repetitions for each exercise at each station. After the circuit, students were able to identify the different components of fitness they were training to improve their physical performance in sport. – Ms. Wendy Johnson.

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Students’ Nationalities

  • USA & Canada (11,26%)
  • Europe [32,67%]
  • Asia [30,56%]
  • Africa [0,42%]
  • Australian & NZ [25,09%]

Target class size – 24 students

Student-teacher ratio approximately 8:1.

Teachers’ Nationalities

  • USA (19%)
  • Australia [19%]
  • England [18%]
  • Canada [7%]
  • Belgium [2%]
  • Ireland [4%]
  • Spanish [2%]
  • New Zealand [4%]
  • Indonesia [25%]

CCS employs internationally experienced and highly qualified teachers with a minimum of 5 years of experience.

New Area Project – Primary Site Plan

Indonesian Independence day 2019.

Year 8 Design Technology

Year 5 No gadget week.

Welcoming new academic year.

IB Music: Live Recording

Year 9 English: Debate