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Ily Tan

In order to achieve our mission, CCS actively recruits students and retains/recognises current students who are lifelong learners, academically excellent, socially responsible and effective communicators. A scholarship programme has been provided to continue to attract such students and to recognise existing students. Canggu Community School will make available scholarship(s) to students (Indonesian or Expat) who meet all of the identified scholarship requirements. Two scholarships will be available for Years 10 to Year 13 each academic year. Each scholarship awarded lasts a maximum of two years. Candidates may be awarded a maximum of two-year scholarships. Further information is available from the Head of Secondary/designate.


Shaun Legg

I am both honoured and very excited to have been awarded this scholarship. It has encouraged me to work harder and aim even higher in my academic pursuits.
I applied for the scholarship when I was in year 10. The process involved nervously submitting an application essay about the school’s SWLEs, and afterwards nervously attending a final interview. The year after, I was pleasantly surprised to be notified that I had been awarded a partial scholarship. While both the application and interview seemed intimidating at the time, I can now say that they were both good experiences that have improved my confidence, and were good practice for things like university and job applications in the future

For other students trying to get the scholarship, while getting good grades is all well and good, try to get involved in other activities as well. For me, this meant joining competitions like SEAMC and the World Scholar’s Cup. You could also take part in MUN, or be a part of a BSSA team. As long as you’re getting involved in something your chances of getting the scholarship are going to be much higher. Besides this, the activities you do and the scholarship application process, in general, are great opportunities to help you develop not just as a student, but as a person overall.


Tamara Darby

As a student of CCS, I was given the chance to apply for a scholarship at the end of Year 10. I applied because I saw this as an opportunity that would lead to a positive outcome and wanted to challenge myself. The first stage of getting the scholarship was writing an essay on why we deserve the scholarship. After the essay was submitted a few candidates were selected from the people who applied to come in for an interview. The interview was kind of like a job interview and determined whether we would get the scholarship or not. Fortunately, I was one of the three students who received a scholarship in Year 11. I was extremely honoured and excited when I discovered that I got the scholarship. I didn’t take this opportunity for granted and continued studying to best of my ability. I needed to prove to myself and the school that I wasn’t going to let it go to waste. To my surprise, the school selected me as one of two students who received a scholarship in Year 12. This has motivated me to continue being an active and hard-working scholar in the school community as well as outside of school. CCS has given me numerous opportunities to thrive as a scholar, as well as a person and this scholarship is just one out of many. To those who wish to be apart of the scholarship programme and are thinking of applying in the future, try participating in numerous school-based events as it shows that you are contributing to the school community. Don’t be afraid to try new things and aim high. This is a great opportunity to approach and will make positive changes in one’s academic abilities.

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Maria Callista

Learning is the most powerful tool we can equip future generations with and it was an honour to receive the experience to complete my Secondary studies in such a supportive environment. It helped me to believe in myself and pushed me to achieve in goals that I never thought attainable. My advice to future scholarship recipients is to make the most of your opportunity and never stop working hard to earn what you deserve because someone will recognize this talent in you and the rewards will speak for itself.