Learning Support

Canggu Community School’s admission policy is widely inclusive. The school admits students whose academic, personal, social and emotional needs can be met by our programmes and services, and who can be integrated into a mainstream classroom.

Our Learning Support Team includes qualified and experienced teachers with a range of specialist skills and knowledge. The team provides high-quality provisions to students learning English as an Additional Language (EAL), those who may have Special Educational Needs (SEN), or who have been identified as Highly Able Students (HAS).

The Learning Support Team works closely with mainstream classes and subject teachers across the school to ensure that support sessions are meaningful, relevant, and cater to the needs of each individual. Canggu Community School makes extensive use of Individualised Educational Plans (IEPs) and/or Student Learning Plans (SLPs) to outline the interventions in place for each student receiving learning support while at school. The majority of support is based on an inclusion model, where learning outcomes are achieved while working in the class with other students, although withdrawal lessons may occur to support students towards achieving individualised targets in specific areas of need.

The Learning Support Team believes in the need for collaborative, respectful, and targeted support for each student to enable them to thrive in Canggu Community School’s educational programmes and experiences.

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