FoCCS Committee


Executive Committee

Katrina Needham – Chair

Nicole Rajkovic – Vice Chair

Santy Graham – Treasurer

Charlotte Dauman – Secretary

Alexa Orr – Fundraising


Tricia Liverpool, Rie Shimada & Alex Lunoe – Communications

Maxine Denton – Charity Coordinator


Ochie Maliki-Hurkmans– Events Coordinator

Marita Croll – Bakesale Coordinator

Tammy McLean – School Photo Coordinator

Alexa Orr – Second Hand Uniform Coordinator

School Representatives

Beccy Fox – CCS Principal

Sarah Wirawan – CCS Staff Rep Primary

Samantha Brossette – CCS Staff Rep Secondary

Kayti Denham – Charity

  • New Bake Sale coordinator needed! please contact:
  • Bali Mother and Baby House needs support!

Latest Minutes

FoCCS Committee meetings

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Message from Chair

FoCCS is a volunteer organization consisting of a dedicated group of parents and teachers that have a deep sense of community and strong love for Canggu Community School. Our aim is to bring the community closer together by providing activities that unite parents and children in a positive way while at the same time raising funds for the school, the children, and our surrounding community.

It has been another successful year for FoCCS, with the very popular Halloween party being held earlier in the school year. This event is a mainstay of the CCS calendar. It is always a lot of fun and the children are the center of attention. As the school grows it is a challenge to accommodate everyone and provide something for all, but we believe that the current format provides the right mix of safety and fun for an all school event. The end of year party, to be held on June 3, is currently in the planning process and we hope that many parents and students are able to attend this fun event this year.

In addition to these more prominent activities, FoCCS is part of the school on a more hands-on basis through the weekly Bakesales and Second Hand Uniform Shop. Another service provided by FoCCS to the school is in organizing the school photos annually. This is a big administrative undertaking and each year the process improves even as the school grows. The photos taken are instrumental in preparing this yearbook and are wonderful keepsakes for parents and teachers alike.

The funds raised from all these activities, firstly go to the school. Foremost, the funds go to a Bursary for the education costs of the children of the grounds staff and security personnel. After that money is put towards items to benefit the students of CCS in consultation with the school and Student Council. In addition, FoCCS supports the school’s GIN Conference each year with a donation.

The remainder of the funds is then used to promote our chosen charities, which for this year are the Helmet Man project and the Yayasan Kampana Putra Dharma Orphanage. The Helmet Man works tirelessly and with limited resources to educate those who don’t have access to information about the incredible benefits of wearing a helmet while riding a motorbike or scooter. The orphanage is a continuing project where this year we assisted with access to fresh water via a well and pump system.

I would like to thank all of the parents, staff, and teachers, as well as sponsors and donors, who have put in countless hours of time and effort to help make this year another great success.

Katrina Needham


FoCCS Charity

FoCCS donates a big part of the fund to local charities. We aim to give back to the community, raise awareness of existing problems in our world and set an example of how we can be a part of the solution to our children.

These are the organisations FoCCS is supporting in 2016/17.



Bake Sale

Every Friday FoCCS organises a bake sale, which is supported by the yummy contributions of parents and volunteers.
Please continue to support this excellent fundraiser by helping at the sale and bringing home made treats, fruit skewers, popcorn, icy poles etc. even if you cannot attend.
We would however like to encourage more parents to join on these mornings.  It is a fun experience and your kids will especially love to see you there!
Also please don’t forget to give your children pocket money to purchase their treats.  (All items are 10.000rp)

Bake Sale FoCCS

Second-Hand Uniforms

FoCCS collects used uniforms and resells them at a discounted price every Wednesday morning from 8-8:30 at the primary entrance area.
If you have items you want to donate for this fundraiser, please bring them in anytime to the school office. (Please bring clean items!)

2ndhand Uniform

School Photos

FoCCS organises school photography that will be used in yearbooks and also for parents to purchase. For this fundraiser, we also provide a selection of products featuring the photos such as tote bags, mug cups, key chains etc.

School Photos

Annual Halloween Party

This fundraiser is the biggest event organised by FoCCS and the most rewarding. Many parents volunteer every year to make this party happen and thank you for all of those who do get involved.

Halloween FoCCS

Year End Party

FoCCS also organises the Year End Party to celebrate the start of the holidays. We try to create a fun day for the children and the parents particularly since for some children it is also a farewell party due to relocation.

Year End party

FoCCS financial report of 2015/16

Please check our report of how much we raised and how the fund was used during the last school year.


10th Anniversary