Message from the Primary School Principal

We have arrived at the end of another term and again we wonder where the time went! CCS’ philosophy of a well-rounded, holistic education means that the students are always engaged in a rich and diverse range of experiences that connect the community and the school in really positive ways. There are always many opportunities for students to experience something new or to be extended and enriched in something they are already interested in.  In Key Stage 2, there has been a strong focus on the performing arts this term.  I am sure you will all enjoy ‘Hoodwinked’! I would like to thank all staff for their dedication and hard work in providing learning experiences inside and outside the classroom that are truly world class. This is my last newsletter communication before leaving CCS and I would like to also thank the community for your unwavering support of the school and it has been a real pleasure to get to know some of the fantastic people in the CCS community.  I wish you and your families the very best for the future, wherever it may take you. Enjoy the journey.
Kind regards,
Andrew Read
Primary School Principal

The last two weeks of this term are a wonderful showcase of learning at CCS. We hope you enjoyed the Student-Led Conferences last week. While these are valuable for parents to see how children are doing, they are much more valuable for the children themselves as an opportunity to reflect on learning and develop their communication and confidence!  We also hope you enjoyed the Secondary Production of Blood Brothers, which showcased some of our students’ impressive acting and performing skills!  Enjoy the photos below from these major events.  Finally,  thank you, Mr. Andrew, for your leadership and service at CCS this year.  We wish you all the best in your next steps!

Keegan Combs

Secondary School Principal

Acting Head of School

Year 7JA investigating changes of state.
Last week 7JA were introduced to particle theory and changes of state. They then carried out two experiments in the lab to test these theories and are now in the process of creating graphs using the data they collected, analysing their results and creating a lab report following the scientific method outline.
Ms. Atkinson

Forthcoming Events

March 19th

Early Years; Trip to Fire Station

March 22nd

FoCCS Bake Sale, Year 3.

Primary Certificates Assembly, 1.30pm, MFH.

Holi Celebration, Years 5 & 6, 2.30pm.

Hoodwinked – a Robin Hood story.

Thursday, March 21st 11:30 am Matinee Performance

Thursday, March 21st 7:00 pm Evening Performance

March 25th – April 5th

The school closed, term break.


March 18th

Akin, Year 5C

March 19th

Theodor-Jerrel, Year 11BG

March 20th

Finley, Year 10th

Kenji, EY

March 22nd

Kevin, Year 10TH

Marc, Year 6D

March 23rd

Adam, Year 1I

March 26th

Nour, Year 6R

March 27th

Natasha, Year 5C

Kiki, Year 2T

Emma, Year 1I

March 28th

Aisha, Year 7SG

Paxton, Year 6R

March 29th

Casey, Year 8WJ

March 30th

Owan, Year 8MM

Hanasuri, Year 6R

Mr. Andrew

Andrew Read, Primary Principal, will be leaving CCS at the end of Term 3.  For Term 4, Merryn Wade will be serving as Acting Primary Principal while continuing her role in the Early Years.  The Primary Leadership Team has put in place a range of plans to help Term 4 be an effective and positive term for all students. We have a range of leaders stepping up to take on various roles in order to help Merryn provide both excellent leadership and support the Early Years students.  Thank you, Merryn, for stepping up!  We are also currently in the process of recruiting a dedicated Primary Principal for the 19/20 school year.  This process does take time but is moving quickly.  Parents and the community will be updated accordingly.  Should you have questions or concerns, you are welcome to talk with Merryn or Keegan Combs, Acting Head of School.