Canggu Community School Music Centre

At CCS Music Centre, we share a passion for music and music education. We work together to give our students the skills for lifelong enjoyment of musical performance and appreciation. We meet the individual needs of our students, whether that is to play for pleasure at home, be able to gig with mates or prepare for musical study at university level. Our staff are committed to helping our students reach their full potential.

We provide individualised vocal and instrumental tuition, ensemble/ band coaching and performance opportunities.

We currently offer tuition on the following instruments:

Piano |  Guitar (Electric and Acoustic)  | Violin | Clarinet | Voice | Ukulele |  Drum Kit  | Djembe

We also offer free after-school group ensembles:
  • Junior Choir (Year 3-6)
  • Brass and Woodwind Ensemble (Year 6-13)
  • Rock Band Workshop (7-13)

Performance opportunities include Sunset Concerts, productions, Battle of the Bands Competitions and performances at other school events.

There is an additional fee for CCS Music Centre activities; current prices are available from the school shop and are emailed to parents prior to the start of each term.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your individual needs. For more information, please email

  • Increases memory capacity
  • Refines time management and organisational skills
  • Boosts team skills
  • Teaches perseverance
  • Enhances coordination
  • Betters mathematical ability
  • Improves reading/ comprehension skills
  • Increases responsibility
  • Exposes you to cultural history
  • Sharpens your concentration
  • Fosters self expression and reduces stress
  • Creates a sense of achievement
  • Promotes the development of social skills
  • Boosts listening skills
  • Teaches you discipline
  • Elevates your performance skills and reduces stage fright
  • Enhances your respiratory system
  • Promotes happiness in yourself and those around you.

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