BSSA: Bali Schools Sport Association

BSSA stands for the Bali Schools Sports Association. This is the conference in which CCS sports teams compete against other Bali schools. We compete in a range of sporting activities at different times throughout the school year:

  • Soccer – Term 1
  • Volleyball – Term 2
  • Basketball – Term 3
  • Swimming – Term 3
  • Cross-Country – Term 4
  • Athletics – Term 4

Soccer, volleyball and basketball games are generally played over the course of the term, whilst swimming, cross-country and athletics competitions are singular events.

For every activity, students will be given the opportunity to practice with an assigned coach at least once a week. Practices will run throughout a season or in the build-up to an event. Most practices will run in the mornings before school, however, some may run after school. Practice schedules will be sent via email prior to the season/event.

For soccer, volleyball, and basketball, our age 9-10, 11-12 and 13-15 teams will play league games on Wednesday afternoons, culminating in a ‘BSSA Finals’ competition for qualifying teams. Home games will either be played at CCS or the Finns Club field depending on the sport, whilst away games will be played at other schools with transport arranged by CCS. Games start between 3:00-4: 00 pm and should be finished no later than 4:30 pm. However, please allow for travel time back to CCS if students have an away game. Details for each week’s games will be sent out via email at the start of each week. 

Students aged 6-8 play soccer but not on a weekly basis. They instead play in a single ‘BSSA Soccer Festival’ during Term 1. Similarly, our 16+ teams compete in soccer, volleyball, and basketball but only in a single ‘BSSA Finals’ event in each sport. Details for these events as well as the BSSA swimming, cross-country, and athletics events will be sent out nearer the time.

We ask the students who represent CCS at BSSA games/events to wear our BSSA kit. This is available in the school shop. We also expect students to have their own sport-specific equipment (e.g. shin guards, swim goggles, etc.), appropriate footwear and a reusable water bottle with them when competing.

If a student is unable to attend a practice, game or event, this is not a problem. However, we do ask that the student or parent informs the relevant coach.

The option to sign-up for BSSA activities will be sent out via email near the time of the season/event. Students can sign-up by visiting a member of PE staff in the Primary or Secondary PE Office, or they can email Mr. Steve at [email protected]

Before competing in any BSSA activity students must complete a BSSA Code of Conduct and Permission Form. This can be collected and then returned to a member of the PE staff. This form covers the student’s participation in all BSSA activities for the rest of their school enrollment at CCS.

A form is attached here, but hard copies will be handed out to students who need them.

We consider representing CCS in BSSA activities to be a privilege, we also want to promote the image of the student-athlete. We, therefore, expect students to meet academic obligations in order to participate, particularly as they move up through the school. Our policy states ‘that students must not have any outstanding major pieces of work. If a student fails to meet a major deadline or make major gains in getting the work completed then the  student may not be able to participate.’

Thank you for your interest in BSSA sport, if you have any questions about the program, please email Mr. Steve at [email protected]