An amazing group of 30 students and three teachers headed off to Melbourne to attend the World Scholar’s Cup Global Round.

It was a week of fun, excitement and challenges and every member of the group stepped up to make the most of the opportunities available to demonstrate their many skills. CCS students argued passionately in debating, used their outstanding writing skills to convince judges with their collaborative writing and demonstrated their knowledge of a broad range of topics – The Arts, Human Relationships, Social Science, Literature, History and Science.

It was not all just academic pursuits! We came eyeball to eyeball with huge crocodiles, cute penguins and some of Australia scariest sharks while running around the Melbourne Aquarium during a scavenger hunt. Two of our talented students, Tamara Darby and Emma Muliastra showcased Indonesian culture with dancing and singing at the Cultural Fair, where we also had the opportunity to learn about the cultures of the other attending schools. Zara Dennis, Tamara Darby and Emma Muliastra showed off their amazing singing talent in front of over a thousand of their peers, by each performing in Talent Show that took place over the week. Students also had a fun time, mingling with their new friends and dancing their feet off at the Scholars Ball – the highlight of the week, according to some!!

We had a fantastic time and also some great success. Shaun Legg was our senior champion, and Zara Dennis was our junior champion, both of them demonstrating the highest level of achievement across all subject areas in the competition.

A Big congratulations also go to the 4 teams that qualified for the Tournament of Champions which will be held in Yale in November:

  • Senior team 292 – Shaun Legg, Tamara Darby, Yuuna Takahashi
  • Senior team 294 – Jadie Mollison, Louicosta Tagaroulias, Alexander Sharpe
  • Junior team 492 – Emma Muliastra, Glasha Dmitrieva, Zara Dennis
  • Junior team 430 – Kayla Godwin, Sydney Eckstein, Malaika Wauters

Also qualifying for the Tournament of Champions is Johanna Brodie, who took part in the Barcelona Global Round in July. Well done! I would like to wish these students the best of luck if they go on to compete in the USA in November! A big thank you to Max Henson and Dan Aarons who supported our students tirelessly throughout the week.

Ms Karen Donnelly

WSC Coordinator