The School Committee


The School Committee (SC) was created by the governing body (Yayasan) and administrators of CCS to enhance the sound and purposeful governance of CCS. We are made up of individuals from diverse backgrounds with specific areas of expertise and include parents, teachers, school principals, a FoCCS representative and the Yayasan.
The SC plays an advisory role in overseeing the delivery of the school’s strategic aims and objectives, and in supporting the school’s senior leaders to be accountable for CCS’s educational outcomes. The SC also acts as a sounding board for parent concerns via its parent reps from across the year groups.
The SC has regular meetings with the school principals, teacher representatives and Yayasan to advise on topics such as:
• Strategic plans;
• School policies;
• School accreditations;
• Curriculum, standards and performance;
• Financial reports;
• Alignment with CCS Mission and Vision.
Please feel free to contact SC members in person or come to our open meetings to learn more or provide feedback. You can also email us at [email protected].
Adrian Keet
  • School Committee Chair
  • Early Years & Primary parent
Keegan Combs
  • Head of School & Secondary School Principal
Nick Redfearn
  • Secondary parent
Nadia De Jong
  • Yayasan
Ben Voborsky
  • Primary School Principal
Sarah Wirawan 
  • Primary teacher
Ewan Makepeace 
  • FoCCS Chair
Galuh Wandita
  • Secondary parent
Pavan Thakran
  • Secondary parent
Kosta Kalimtzis
  • Early Years & Primary parent
Shalini Munro 
  • Primary parent
Chantalle Cropp
  • Primary parent