Model United Nations

One of our Gotong Royong groups at CCS is MUN group. MUN (Model United Nations) is a UN simulation where students are lobbying, debating and collaborating to find solutions together to solve global issues. It is a great way to showcase critical thinking, global awareness, and public speaking, as well as in line with IB profile learner and the school’s SWLE. The students are offered the opportunity to participate in various conferences such as BaliMUN, THIMUN in Singapore, MYMUN in Malaysia, YMUNT in Taiwan, and many more.

CCS Hosting BaliMUN VII 2018

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We are very proud of all our CCS participants! They have dedicated their lunch and Gotong Royong time each Wednesday toward preparing for the conference. We are also grateful for the support from the school leaders at CCS and the FoCCS group for sponsoring our event.

A special congratulations must also go to Georgie in Year 8 and Isabella in Year 9. The chairs of the Human Rights Council declared them the winners of the Most Diplomatic Award in their committee. Congratulations!

A huge congratulations to all involved in the highly successful Bali Model United Nations conference held on November 2nd and 3rd! Students from 7 different schools in Bali and Java formed committees to collaborate on solutions to global issues. An especially important thank you goes to our Secretariat team, who have spent the last 6 months planning the details of the conference to host a memorable and successful experience for all involved. Well done to Maria in Year 13 and Maile, Nour, Leland and Katya in Year 12!

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MyMUN 2018


A team of 7 talented students took on the challenge of a Model United Nations conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Most represented the delegation of Bolivia, with one acting as the expert from the United Nations Development Programme. They worked together with 300 other students from 20 schools in Asia to address issues from water privatization to micro-credit loans to issues of country-specific conflicts.

These students made CCS proud with their diplomacy, open-mindedness, and courage.

Katie Holmes and Maya Wirastuti 



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A strong team of CCS students joined over 100 students from around Bali and Java for a weekend of collaboration, debate and problem-solving. The Model United Nations (MUN) Gotong Royong group began preparing in August by researching global issues around the world, understanding their assigned countries’ approaches to these issues, and considering the multiple solutions to a variety of problems.

Our CCS team consisted of 12 delegates, one Committee Chair, and three paiges, including students from years 7 to 13! Many of the participants were new to MUN, learning both the parliamentary procedures and the ways in which students can approach world issues.

Katidja Mohd Zaidi in year 13 was a Committee Chair for a group of beginners in the SOCHUM committee, and as such, she worked hard to teach new students all about MUN. Maria White, year 12, earned the Best Leadership Award in the DISEC committee for advanced MUN participants.

Congratulations to all of our students.

MyMUN 2017

Thursday, April 20th through Sunday, April 23rd, 7 students from CCS participated at the 13th MYMUN Conference hosted by Mount Kiara’s School in Kuala Lumpur. Enjoy reading some reflection from our participants and what they had to say about their experience.


Nine students attended THIMUN in Singapore for a week-long conference focused on addressing world issues. This conference attracts approximately 1000 students from nearly 50 schools, many with extensive Model United Nations experience. This means, the caliber of lobbying and debating is raised, and our MUN team stepped up to the challenge.

While the delegates were busy considering possible solutions to issues ranging from ways to mitigate food insecurity to threats of nuclear war around the world, the chaperoning teachers, Ms Maya and Ms Holmes, attended a day-long workshop providing ideas to improve and enhance our CCS MUN programme.

Students balanced hard work with play, as they made new friends and enjoyed Singapore as well.


MyMUN 2016

Thursday, April 14th through Sunday, April 17th, 6 students from CCS participated at the13th MYMUN Conference hosted by Mount Kiara’s School in Kuala Lumpur. Enjoy reading some reflections from our participants and what they had to say about their experience.



CCS Model United Nations Team Preparing to Host the BaliMUN4 conference

Everyone is hard at work in preparation for the upcoming BaliMUN4 conference to be held this November 6-8. The BaliMUN conferences began as an opportunity for high-schools on island to hold their own simulation of the UN. This year we are lucky enough to be given the opportunity to co-host the annual conference alongside Bali Island School on our own beautiful Secondary campus, and we have schools attending from Java and as far afield as Malaysia.

The students are responsible for the overall management of the conference, under the watchful eye of Secretaries Generals Nadia Tjiantoro and Ily Tan, which puts a great deal of responsibility on the students’ shoulders. In our planning committees we’ve been gathering sponsors, designing posters, rounding up supplies, liaising with caterers, ordering materials, designing a website, booklet and Tshirt amongst various other tasks involved in the organization of the event. With high expectations for a fantastic conference this year, we are putting all our effort and a lot of our own time into the success of BALIMUN4.

MyMUN 2015

CCS Middle Years MUN team presented a fantastic talk on their experiences and reflected on what they had learned on their recent trip to Kuala Lumpur representing the school.


6 CCS students from Years 10 and 12 flew to Singapore to participate in THIMUN XI. Our students joined over 1000 delegates from 72 other schools from all over the world for 5 days of public speaking, lobbying and debates following the procedures of the United Nations. Below they share their reflections on the experience.