IB Extended Essay

IB Extended Essay Fair

The Extended Essay is one of three components that make up the Core of the IB Diploma programme. The Extended Essay (or EE) gives students the opportunity to undertake an in-depth research project on a topic of their choice with the final outcome being a 4000 word externally assessed dissertation.

The Extended Essay is a challenging and rewarding experience which prepares students for different pathways beyond the Diploma Programme by developing skills valued by both tertiary education and employers. The EE experience at CCS embodies the essence of an IB education in developing inquiring, critical, lifelong learners.

On January 22nd, Year 13 students were given the opportunity to discuss and celebrate their EEs with Year 12s who are at the beginning of their Extended Essay journey. Year 12s received advice from Year 13s on time management, methodologies, research questions and supervisors. It was a valuable experience for Year 12s as well as a great opportunity for Year 13s to celebrate their hard work, learning and perseverance. The EE fair culminated with Year 12s reflecting on what they have learned and creating a list of important tips and advice to be displayed in the classroom. Year 12 students will further reflect on what they have learned through written entries in their ManageBac EE reflections spaces. 

If you are interested in learning more about the EE experience, please visit the CCS Extended Essay website or contact Ms. Joe Zeiler, CCS EE Coordinator.