Yayasan Swamitra Internasional (YSI) is a non-profit organisation that has managed and governed Canggu Community School (CCS) since 2006[1]. The main goal of YSI is to support and promote the educational foundation of CCS. The objectives of YSI include:

  • Establishment of formal education from Early Years to senior Secondary school;
  • Cooperating with local organisations and associations through various educational courses and life skills training;
  • Promoting and organising voluntary programmes and services that contribute to the wider community.

YSI works closely with the Head of School in overseeing the implementation of the school mission, vision and values. YSI is legally responsible for all related operational permits and licenses required to run the school and its teaching and learning activities. In addition, YSI is also in charge of financial and taxation obligations, and agreements in accordance to the policies and regulations of the Government of Indonesia and other related parties. To fulfill these tasks, YSI is led by the Board of Trustees and  the Board of Supervisors; and  assisted by the Board of Management[2].

[1] as stated in the notary deed of establishment of Notary Ni Ketut Alit Astari, SH Number 9, dated 30 January 2006. The deed of establishment was later approved by the Ministry of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia, Number: C-522.HT.01.02.TH.2006, dated 10 March 2006.
[2] as recorded by Notary Lies Herminingsih, SH of South Jakarta Notoriety Office, on her notarial letter Number 37 dated 29 June 2016; legalized by the Minister of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia, dated 01 July 2016.