CCS Mission and School Wide Learner Expectations

The mission of CCS is to have all students develop as confident, socially engaged and globally responsible citizens who achieve their full potential as life long learners.

We measure the achievement of our mission by our School Wide Learner Expectations (SWLEs):

We expect our students to be:

  • Life long learners:

    • Understand themselves as learners; set goals, take risks, be reflective.
    • Achieve intellectual, emotional and physical balance.
    • Be skilled inquirers and researchers.
    • Be skilled in critical thinking.
    • Be skilled in creative thinking.
  • Academically Excellent:

    Show academic excellence in a broad range of disciplines.

  • Socially Responsible:

    • Be engaged citizens who care about themselves, their world and the environment.
    • Be respectful, responsible, honest and act with integrity.
    • Show open-mindedness to other cultures, values, and traditions.
    • Develop a local and global perspective on a range of issues.
  • Effective Communicators:

    • Understand and express themselves in more than one language.
    • Be effective collaborators.