Year 3 Camp (Sleepover)

On Friday night, Year 3 had their camp. A sleepover at school! After a normal day at school, we came back to find the classrooms had been transformed into awesome giant dormitories thanks to Pak Made and his team. After a huge pillow fight and torch party, everyone settled down to watch a movie. We slept a LITTLE bit, and were up at the crack of dawn to play football, ‘Everyone’s It’ and volleyball. After a healthy breakfast, it was time for us all to say goodbye to our friends and teachers; to go home and enjoy the rest of our weekend. Writing by Andy Woof – Photos by Andy Woof and Ruth Aarons.

VOL 102 y3

Year 5 Camp

Year 5 has arrived safely at our first stop on the way to camp. We are near Ubud doing different activities, such as making sates, Balinese dance, making kites and playing the Gamelan. Writing by Sten Coppin  – Photos by Sten Coppin & Dyah Rupita.

VOL 101 camp 5

Today was a fun-filled day of exploring a botanical garden, feeding some live animals, and team building activities with some students from a local school. A highlight was the slippery eel race. A lot of students overcame their fears! Writing and photos by Monica Steiner.

VOL 101 camp 5MS

Year 6 Camp

Year 6 is enjoying an adventurous camp in the mountains. We supported each other to take healthy risks at Tree Tops and are enjoying camping in the clouds. We are enjoying the fresh veggies, fruits and herbs from the gardens. On Thursday, we will adventure to a local waterfall. Writing & photos by Michelle Cotton.

VOL 101 year 6

Year 7 Camp


Year 8 Camp

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VOL 101 year 8 cmp

Year 9 Camp

Year 9 camp has been enjoying many exciting, interesting and fulfilling days. We began with a trip to the local Primary school to do fun, educational activities with the local children. Our students were fantastic with the young children and it was really pleasing to see many of our students stepping up as leaders of each learning group. After this wonderfully rewarding experience, we came back to the campsite to do a problem solving, team building activity before engaging in a range of local cultural craft activities in small groups with local instructors. After lunch, it was a visit to the local farm where we experienced how hard it is working as a farmer in these parts. We are just about to head out on a two-hour hike through the beautiful local countryside, calling off at a local textile workshop on the way back. We will follow this with a cooking class, in which the students will prepare local food for tonight’s BBQ and campfire. I have a feeling each student will sleep well in their tent.

Wednesday morning has been mainly about packing up and leaving the excellent (but damp!) campground in Sidemen, crossing over to Nusa Penida, and settling into our new environment and accommodation. Later this afternoon we will be exploring the grounds of FNPF (Friends of the National Park Foundation) as part of a photo competition, followed by a trip to the hidden bat cave on the edge of the FNPF grounds. Please find some photos below, this time from Tuesday activities and Wednesday morning’s migration by boat to Nusa Penida. Writing & photos by Year 9 Camp team

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Year 10 Camp

An amazing first day at East Bali Immersion. The site is beautiful, and students are tired after a fun afternoon of team building and hiking. The view isn’t too bad either…. Spent mainly at the East Bali Cashews factory. Students have learnt about the company’s history, its special connection with the local community, its unique business model and even experienced what it is like to work there. A very rewarding day was capped off with a volleyball tournament, more great food and even an exciting treasure hunt on the campgrounds.

VOL 101 y10

We have had another great day of fun and adventure on the Y10 camp. The morning was spent at the East Bali Cashews nursery, where employees can send their children whilst they work. First, our students worked together in small groups to prepare a range of fun and engaging activities for the children. Once we arrived our students delivered the activities with superb confidence and enthusiasm; the children were certainly sad to see them leave. The afternoon was spent harvesting, preparing and cooking food for a traditional megibung feast. Students were given recipes but little guidance and worked together to create some really tasty food that was enjoyed by all. The day was capped off with a ‘Talent Show’. Students had to prepare at least one performance per teepee, but some chose to perform solo pieces they had worked on over the last few weeks. The talent on display was very impressive and the judges had a very hard time placing the top 3 performances! After much deliberation, it was decided that the winners were Michelle, Freyer, Natsuha and Kalila for their four pieces singing ‘mash-up’!

One group spent the morning snorkelling at the famous Tulamben shipwreck whilst the other participated in a kite making workshop. After lunch, the groups swapped activities before all coming together later in the afternoon for more volleyball and games on the famous ‘Old Trafford’ field. After dinner, students participated in an engaging and thought-provoking reflection activity which really demonstrated how much they had learnt from their experiences last week. Writing and Photos by Steven Gayton

VOL 102 y10a

Year 11 Camp

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Year 12 Camp

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